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X-Y Position Sensors  


X-Y Position Sensors Short Form Catalog in PDF Format

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J16PS, J12PS, J10PS Position Sensors: A Ge, InAs, or InSb position sensor consists of a single element photodiode with a quadruple electrode geometry. These devices can provide linear X-Y beam position information for lasers and other infrared beams. Positioning information is determined as shown in Figure 1. The PA6:4C preamplifier is recommended for Judson position sensitive detectors.

J16QUAD, J10QUAD, J15QUAD Quadrant Detectors: A Ge, InAs, or HgCdTe quadrant detector consists of four separate detector elements arranged in a quadrant geometry with element separations of approximately 0.05mm. The PA7:4 preamplifier is available for J16Quad and J10Quad detectors.


Figure 1


Figure 2

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Literature Click for more position sensor information.

Literature Click for more information on our Ge position sensors.

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